Building In The Blockchain Era

At Lattice, we believe blockchain technology will have a large impact on tech, entrepreneurship, and venture funding. In the history of technology cycles, we believe this technology will be as transformational as the Internet. By decentralizing creation and contribution, it creates more opportunity to participate in building new networks.

In the years to come, the next great tech companies will leverage the blockchain to build their businesses. It is an excellent representation of our network effects thesis at work, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with the new wave of entrepreneurs. As a firm, we've already made investments in the space and have portfolio companies looking to implement blockchain technology in their existing stacks.

We have spent years in the space so while bullish, we also recognize that we can't discuss blockchain without addressing the risks. That includes the excessive volatility of cryptocurrencies, security risks, regulation unknowns, and the wild-west-type environment currently surrounding ICOs.

We believe that the best way to help entrepreneurs reduce these risks is to surround them with a network of the best experts and practitioners in the space to aid in developing best practices. We're focusing on these topics:

  • Raising Capital - ICOs, investment structure, secondary markets, and attracting long term investors
  • Corporate Structure - Establishing legal, accounting, and governance standards in the context of changing regulation
  • Security - Digital, financial, and physical security
  • Community - Building a decentralized community of contributors
  • Talent - Sourcing and attracting technical talent as demand for blockchain developers increases

We’ve been gathering people across our network to discuss these questions and have found great collaborators. To democratize access to these conversations, we'll be hosting community events in NYC to share with our community. We'd love to have you join us. Sign up here to hear about our upcoming events.

Call for experts too! If you are you currently working in the blockchain industry? Whether an entrepreneur, lawyer, regulator, accountant, or community member, we want to hear your thoughts. Please sign up to share your expertise or say hi to us at @br_ttany or @vanessadice