Lattice Ventures Fund I Closed

We are thrilled to announce that Lattice Ventures Fund I closed in December 2016. Brittany and I started out to raise a fund based on the belief that network effects businesses needed the right investors to leverage their expertise and networks to reach the company’s goals. We decided to focus on startups that were addressing low tech markets where billions of dollars transact on outdated tech.

We also saw an overwhelming market opportunity where seed stage founders continue to face a steep fundraising learning curve without the focus of long range planning for funding. We wanted people to stay motivated by getting the right deals and raising a sufficient amount of funds. That is why we invest early. We are pre-seed and seed stage investors. We create alignment with founders on day one and work alongside them with the same level of tenacity we did in our previous roles (if not more!).

Prior to starting Lattice, Brittany and I had worked together for eighteen months on an invite-only community for founders. Held monthly, it was selective and focused on fundraising. After working together on this program we saw the benefits of what we could bring to the table as a team and decided the time was right for a new fund in New York.

This is our initial fund and we look to build the Lattice Ventures brand with our fellow collaborators and the right partners in the New York tech ecosystem. We want to work with the great founders that are aligned with our values and fit our thesis.
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